Fall in love with Jamno Fall in love with Jamno

  • Distance: 26.2 km
  • Duration: 2 h 6 min
  • Sum of ascentings: 180 m
  • Sum of descentings: 181 m
Jamno is a suburban quarter of Koszalin which you can reach via the scenic bike path running along the Dzierżęcinka river and connecting Forum Koszalin / Wodna Dolina with the marina in Jamno. Koszalin City Bike will be perfect for this 27 km-long route. Discover the fascinating history of Jamno, its historic monuments and culture, and relax in the marina. In the summer months, you can also make a trip to the other side of Lake Jamno aboard “Julek” or “Koszałek” ferries.
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