Executioner’s Lodge Executioner’s Lodge

  • Address : ul. Grodzka 3, 75-002 Koszalin
This Gothic building from the 16th century is one of the most characteristic elements of Koszalin’s historic quarter. Since 1964, the building is the seat of Teatr Propozycji “Dialog” theatre and serves as a meeting place for culture and arts. As the name suggests, it was originally the home of the town executioner. Koszalin had its own executioner from 1464 to 1839, but the building was used for residential purposes until the early 20th century. The executioner’s lodge was located within the Medieval defensive walls of the town, which was unusual, as executioners typically lived outside the town walls. Interestingly, some documents of the executioner’s work have survived, including a price list from 1785 from which we can learn the prices of the breaking wheel or banishment from the town. The document is kept by the State Archives in Koszalin.

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