Dukes of Pomerania Park in Koszalin Dukes of Pomerania Park in Koszalin

  • Address : Koszalin
The largest park in Koszalin, covering a large portion of the city centre, was built in stages since the 19th century. In 1934, the old castle pond was reconstructed and a bird isle was created. The park has around 120 species of tress and shrubs, including rare species such as the amur corktree or the only magnolia tree in Koszalin. One of the most valuable specimens in the park was a sycamore apple which was the oldest tree in Koszalin (aged well over 300 years). Due to its proximity to the Executioner’s Lodge, it was commonly known as the “Witch Tree”. Unfortunately, despite the protective measures, a wind storm brought the sycamore down in 2011. Today, you can see the commemorative plaque and… the sprouts of a new sycamore maple. The Witch Tree was a remainder of the castle gardens which had been granted the status of a nature monument even before 1945. The numerous information boards will provide you with all the facts and data about the park. The park has scenic alleys along the Medieval defensive walls, the Dzierżęcinka river and a beautiful fountain, and plenty of places for a quicker or longer rest. It was also the witness of tragic events in Koszalin’s history. In the park, you can find the remains of a synagogue which was burned down to the ground by Nazis on Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) on November 9th, 1938. The site is marked by the monument commemorating the local Jewish community.

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