“We Were - We Are - We Will Be” Monument “We Were - We Are - We Will Be” Monument

  • Address : Skwer Pionierów Koszalina, ul. Piastowska, Koszalin
There is probably not a single person in Koszalin who wouldn’t know the “We Were - We Are - We Will Be” monument. However, the younger generation might be surprised to learn that its actual name if the monument of the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Koszalin. It was uncovered in 1965 in the Old Town Square (which back then was called The Polish Workers’ Party Fighters’ Square) and became a permanent fixture in city, witnessing many significant events in the recent history of Koszalin. During the protests against the Communist authorities which broke out as a spontaneous celebration of the anniversary of the Gdańsk Agreement of August 1980, the citizens hung a handmade banner on the monument, on which somebody wrote with a lipstick: “Solidarity is with us, we are with Solidarity”. Since we’re talking about quotations, it should be mentioned that the words “We Are - We Were - We Will Be” on the monument originate from Stefan Żeromski’s book Wiatr od morza (Wind from the sea). During the regeneration works in the Old Town Square in 2013, the monument was relocated to a new site on the new Koszalin Pioneers’ Square in Piastowska street, close to the park, the amphitheatre and the Koszalin Philharmonic.

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