From Greenway to the Coast From Greenway to the Coast

  • Distance: 26.3 km
  • Duration: 3 h 15 min
  • Difficulty: average
  • Sum of ascentings: 172 m
  • Sum of descentings: 93 m

Route: Węgorzewo Koszalińskie – Szczeglino – Kościernica – Nacław – Jacinki – Polanów

Trail markings: black

From Greenway to the Coast is a connecting route between the main line of the Greenway cycling trail and the coastal trails, starting in Węgorzewo Koszalińskie by the rural community centre building. The first things you’re going to see on this route are a beautiful linden avenue and the characteristic half-timbered houses. The route follows other cycling trails through the village and then turns into a gravel road leading to the forest. After a short section, cross the stream and go past the rest stop with a shed to reach the village of Szczeglino. There is a lapidarium commemorating the history of the local inhabitants. If you feel like it, you can turn to the heart of the village to see the brick church from the early 20 th century. The forest trail then takes you left to the Szczeglino Burial Mounds (Szczeglińskie Kurhany) where you can see a number of mounds on both sides of the path.

The route then runs parallel to the main road to Kościernica. There is an interesting heritage site there – the ruins of a Masonic lodge mausoleum, located next to the church, which is also interesting to see. Follow the asphalt road through Kościernica for a short while and then turn left according to the trail markings. This section will take you to the abandoned fill of the narrow-gauge railway from Manowo to Polanów.

The next stop is Nacław where you will find an Eclectic palace from the 19 th century surrounded by a sprawling park. The route then takes you to a 5-km asphalt section running through a beech avenue. Some of the trees there are over 200 years old. Turn right before the village of Jacinki and go past the pond. You will find a rest stop there. The route then returns to the abandoned railway fill and ends before Polanów, at the start of the trail to the Sacred Hill of Polanów.

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