Holy Polanowska Mountain Holy Polanowska Mountain

  • Address : 76-010 Polanów

Holy Polanowska Mountain, i.e. a small hill with a height of 156 m above sea level. is located a short distance from Polanów. Its history goes back to pre-Christian times, when it was a place of worship for the pagan people living in the area. When these areas were Christianized in the fourteenth century, the focus of worship also changed - the Holy Polanowska Mountain became a place of Christian pilgrimages. The Cistercians who lived in Koszalin built a chapel on its summit, which was demolished at the end of the 16th century. Pilgrims reappeared on the Mountain in the post-war years. Nowadays, there is a chapel of Our Lady of the Gate of Heaven and the Franciscan hermitage. Stations of the Cross have been set up on the trail leading to the Mountain.

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