Greenways – Necklace of the North Greenways – Necklace of the North

  • Distance: 50.1 km
  • Duration: 6 h
  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Sum of ascentings: 509 m
  • Sum of descentings: 394 m

Route: Porost – “Buczyna” nature reserve – Górawino – Ceglany Most – Polanów – Wielin – Warblewo – Czerwony Most – Wietrzno – Chocimino – Żydowo power station – Gołogóra – Cybulin – Sępolno Wielkie – Biały Bór

Trail markings: green

The “Greenways – Necklace of the North” cycling trail is an 870 km-long loop through Central Pomerania, including the Bytów Lake District, the Drawsko Lake District, the Tuchola Forest and three landscape parks. This route follows the nearly 80 km-long linear section of the trail and takes you to the main tourist attractions around the town of Polanów.

Our starting point is the rest stop by the brick railway bridge over the Radew river. From there, head north to Chocimino, the first village on the route which we will also visit on our way back. The route runs through a very scenic landscape, with the Drężnianka river valley on the one side and moraine hills on the other, past the starting point of the trail to the Sacred Hill of Polanów (Święta Góra Polanowska), atop which there is a wooden shrine and a Franciscan hermitage. Make a stop in Polanów to see the 18 th -century church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The route will then take you near Warblewska Hill (Góra Warblewska), a part of a moraine hill formation also known as the Twelve Apostles’ Hills (Góry Dwunastu Apostołów). Follow the blue trail to reach Wielin where you will find Lake Wielin and just past it, a half-timbered church from mid-17 th century. You can take a small detour from the trail and find the Baroque Revival palace from the late 18 th century.

In Wielin, the route turns back, taking you to Warblewo and then to Polanów again. Next, head on to Wietrzno. There is a manor there from the turn of the 19 th and 20 th century, but it’s privately owned and closed to visitors. However, along the road leading to the manor and in the adjacent park, you can see some majestic old oaks and beeches. The route then takes you through the moraine hills to Chocimino where you can see another half-timbered church, this time from the 18 th century. In the village, there is also a 19 th -century palace and the von der Osten Fabeck family mausoleum.

Leaving Chocimino, you will ride past the “Bagno Wietrzno” (Wietrzno Marsh) peat bog, the ruins of the old hydraulic ram and further on, Lake Kwiecko and the nearby Żydowo pumped storage hydro-electric power plant, and the canal connecting the power plant to Lake Kamienne. The hill above Lake Kwiecko offers a magnificent vista of the Radew river valley. The route then leads to Gołogóra, past Lake Płocie, which is a protected area, and ends in the village of Dalimierz.

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