Ignacy Jan Paderewski Amphitheatre Ignacy Jan Paderewski Amphitheatre

  • Address : Piastowska 7, 75-001 Koszalin
Ignacy Jan Paderewski Amphitheatre is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic landmarks of Koszalin. Built in 1973 on the natural terrain, the amphitheatre initially did not have its trademark element – the roof, sometimes jokingly referred to as “Poland’s largest potato chip”. The roof, which is over 100 metres long and 60 metres wide, was designed by Professor Jan Filipkowski (1929–2021), a local architect from Higher Engineering School (now Koszalin University of Technology). The amphitheatre was built as the backup venue for the 1975 Central Harvest Festival in case of foul weather. The weather, however, was fine and the festival was held at the primary venue, the KS Gwardia football stadium. The roof brought international recognition for its designer – it was voted one of the most interesting structures around the world at the International Union of Architects’ 1978 Architecture and National Development Congress in Mexico. Today, the amphitheatre originally built for Communist dignitaries, is the venue of concerts, sketch comedy shows, exhibitions and festivals, hosting performers from Poland and abroad. During the comprehensive renovation, completed in 2021, the amphitheatre received a new stage (with the roof styled after the original one) and backstage facilities.

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